Anal Sex - Female Pov

A short anal sex story I made for my man; yes it's lacking but I thought I'd add it anyways. In my story, I had pictures but I don't think I can add them on graphic.

I went home and played a few games…then attempted to sleep. I couldn’t so I found Mr. Umber and got him nice and wet. The only place where there was wetness to give. Then Mr. Umber met Mr. Starfish. They become happy friends.

While I was enjoying deep penetration, I said your name. Like you were there, I showed you different moves. You enjoyed them thoroughly.

I was very comfortable on my back side while you were using the back door.

On my side was nice but you lacked a view, so…

We switched it around – doggy style arms around me like a nice big warm blanket and protected me while you were in heaven.

Unfortunately you came and I didn’t but that didn’t stop me from playing around with you.

I made you lie on your back and I played with your c0ck, teasingly rubbing it against my warm moist center….never actually penetrating, just soaking up enough juices to get by.

You were on your back and my hands where resting on bed beside your knees.


I inserted you back into my a$$ and it went pretty far and I become enthusiastic in my mission to get you off as many times as possible. I rode you cowgirl (crab/fusion) style. I got to watch your face as you were thrilled beyond belief. If only I had realized sooner…you could have stuck your fingers in me and that would have felt better for both of us.

But it didn’t happen that way. Eventually I did put my fingers in and stroked you through the walls of my hole and you felt it. I hope you smiled, that was my goal but I was far too busy to notice. I moved up and down on you. It would have been better if you’d try harder. It takes two to tango but Umber had lack of life so I’m not sure if you got off a second time or not…

Interested in making this fantasy into a reality??? :-)

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Neja88 Neja88
22-25, F
Sep 23, 2012