This Is What I Want!

I am getting more friendly chit chat than I want. I want you to message me with your dirty thoughts and desires and all the things you want to do to me. Please stop asking me how my day was or what I'm up to. Skip the small talk and just tell me how you want to throw me down, rip my clothes off, and **** me til I scream. I honestly don't think that's asking too much.
SweetLiLFreak SweetLiLFreak
22-25, F
10 Responses Jan 18, 2013

OK. This Dirty Old Man want spend hours caressing you to the highest peaks of enjoyment and then to use his mouth to bring you to a superb ******. In the meantime I demand that you send me some really naughty photo's to:-

I want to catch you coming out of the shower ,, throw you on the bed ,, n fill you with my **** ! ! !

I want to catch you coming out of the shower ,, throw you on the bed ,, n fill you with my **** ! ! !

me too!!

I want you face down--legs apart--my face buried in the cheeks of your *** licking your ******* to **** and then keep the smell and taste of you on my face and deep in my nose for the rest of the day

Want to rip your clothes and eat you!

i like your attitude ;) hot title **** you are xxx

How refreshing. It's nice to see a woman just wanting to get past the small talk and get to the "meat" of the matter. I'd like to tie you to the bed all four appendages at the corners. Put a pillow under your *** and lick you to ****** till you pass out and then start all over again.

I want to rip your pants off and lick your *** then **** it until I *** all over it!!!

Well,this is what just made my day!!! Even more rewarding would be to enter my room,see u there with ur legs spread,***** juice dripping from u and I tie u up to my bed and stick my thick hard ****** **** all the way into ur craving sweet little *****!!!!After u *** a couple of times Id pull my **** out,lick u til u *** a couple more times and then...**** u like an ANIMAL!!!!