Pat Conroy

In many ways, Pat Conroy has wrote only one story: the story of the damaged live of the damaged children of an abusive father and a Machiavellian mother. But he does it so well with the gift of lyrical story telling that Southern writers possess.  The Great Santini, Beach Music, The Prince of tides, The Lords of Discipline are all prose poetry.  Unfortunately, they are autobiographical as well.  This has caused him numerous problems with his family as he has aired their dirty laundry in public.  But in doing so, he has turned their suffering into a beautiful, tragic truth.  Through his writing, he has tried to heal himself, his family and his region.  As with his family he both love and rejects the South. He loves its beauty and culture but rejects its racism and porocalism.  By writing about these central themes of his life, he strive to give them a rebirth that will lead to a happy ending.
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46-50, M
Dec 7, 2012