Starry Starry Night.

I want someone I can hold in my arms, laying down on the grass on a cool summer's eve. As we gaze up at the stars and nothing but the rustling of the leaves as a breeze passes by or the chirp of the crickets that fill the air. 

Just laying there together, hand in hand, as my other hand brushes through her hair. Our heartbeats would beat together in the syncopated rhythm of life. 


Ba-da. Da-dum. 

Ba-da. Da-dum. 

Ba-da. Da-dum.


The merging of two souls.

We would not have to say a word, our smiles would already say it all.

As the night grows colder, I would hold her closer. It is easier to keep two people warm together than separately. We would watch the night sky move, and as the shooting stars passed by we would make a wish. To make the moment last forever. For romance can only be captured in such transient moments before it is gone and forever lost. It is so fleeting, that every opportunity must be treasured. 

We would lie there for hours, until the sun rose. 

The rays which colored the sky in the warm orange that we know so well. 

And we would feel the warmth of the sun on our skin, even if we did not need it for we had the fire of love burning in our hearts. 

And then…….And then……
The dream would be over.
And I realize I have to face reality again.
As all the pain and sadness floods back in,
I let out a sigh and wonder what cruel torture the mind plays on us.

innoc3nt innoc3nt
18-21, M
1 Response May 19, 2012

I love your writing. It really touches deep down into the emotions. You have a gift for this.