Sweaty palms
Shaky arms
Nervous wreck
Oh yes
I think I'm in love
His hand
Holding mine
Souls starting to combine
I can't help but blush
And when he says my name
I get a rush
His eyes
His smile
His voice
He's the boy
That I've been waiting for
No one can make me happy like he can
Especially when I'm holding his hand
Yes; this feelings new
I'm so happy that I met you
Why can't you be mine?
But sadly
Some else has me
Some one that I don't want
Someone who's not the one
What is this called
That sensation when you fall
In love
Oh yes, I think it's young love
Weak legs
Can't move
And it's all because of you<3
simplymexo simplymexo
13-15, F
Jul 9, 2012