When We First Met...

We had talked online for a week and a half. We weren't dating. We weren't just friends either. We decided to meet. I spent an hour picking out the perfect outfit. I strolled into the foodcourt. I put my legs up. My aim was to seduce you but you weren't there. You were in the game store right across the way. On my first view of you, I thought you to be handsome but fierce. We walked. You didn't hold my hand. I didn't hold yours. But inside we were holding each other. Inside I knew you were mine. We stepped into Bed, Bath, and Beyond. You and I hid in the curtains. We played. You smiled. I hid behind a curtain. You grabbed me. You looked into my eyes and there it was. Lips. Your lips. On mine. We stopped. Then you pulled me deeper. You kissed me and pulled me close and we were together in that instance. And this was my first impression of you. Your kiss set me afire. Your kiss was all that I needed. You were amazing. And for once, so was I.
stormcloud0217 stormcloud0217
18-21, F
Jul 19, 2012