I Love Romance

It was a perfect night. We went to the movies together and had so much fun. We held hands and she leaned towards me, resting her head on me. We got out of the movies helding each other really close. It was a cold night, but our passion was hot.

As we reached the apartment, we headed straight for the bedroom. We kissed passionately in a moment of steamy love. As she removed her blouse, i took the knife from my back and pierced her stomach. She fell on a pool of sweet red. I gutted her and started eating her intestines. I savored each bite. After that, her body was still warm, so i took my pants off and penetrated her with all my love. I finished with a low but intense moan. I dressed myself, and as i was leaving the apartment, i looked back to her and blew a kiss.

I love romance ❤
ImmaSlender ImmaSlender
22-25, M
1 Response Jan 16, 2013

You should write more porns this was HOT!