Long Distance Relationships.

I've always thought LongDistanceRelationships were the cutest and most interesting to come across, but you always have to be honest and hold strong. I've been in acouple long distance relationships. One with a guy named Patrick, PJ, he might have no been the most gorgeous guy in the world, but his personality, always being able to take my jokes and my rudeness, always putting up with me when I was a b****. Like he didn't care, as long as he loved me. We weren't together for that long, but it seemed like forever. He was always there for me, gave me someone to talk to, like we wasn't 1,200 miles apart. We would talk on the phone all night long, until one of us fell asleep anyhow, I was always the goner. He has this speech problem, where he doesnt pronounce some words correctly, I pick on him all the time over it, I find it soooooo adorable, it's just something about him. Even when we weren't together I made him to let me call him once. It was really awkward... Then he got with this one girl, Erin, she was realllyyy pretty. She seemed like a huge goofball too [:
My friends, ohhhh they were fond of PJ, acouple of them still bring him up occasionally. It's a fairytale, it was to good to be true. I kind of hoped we would last forever, but everybody knows how stupid I am, how idiotic I am at decisions. Im talking, completely STUPID, not doubt about it. I broke up with him, a few monthes later told him I liked him, got back with him. Then I broke up with him again?! Am I that stupid, if somebody means sooo much to you, you don't just break up with them. I even told my mother about him, and she thought he was sweet. I mean, everybody that I told about him, loved him. But I'm the bad guy, I'm a complete idiot. I threw it all away, I know its to late now. "It's never to late for anything." Well it's to late for this. You don't just get another chance with someone like him. Never.
Then there was Scotty, Scotty was from England. There was a whole ocean between us, I met Scott on Omegle, he was with his older brother. Yess, his name is Scott. But I named him Scotty. I talked to him for about 3 hours on Omegle, we got eachothers Skypes. He never added me.. Never. About a year later, I got a random request on Skype, I asked who it was, he said it was him. I was so excited to hear his voice again, it just meant the world to me.. We were together about 4 monthes. Then he disappeared again for a few monthes . He made an IMVU, that weird virtual thing I use, he added me, and I was talking to my friend Connor, saying how I loooovveddd him. Even though he has a girlfriend and all this. Scotty got really mad, really mad. Started calling me a S*** and a W****.. I was so hurt, I called him on Skype, and told him how much that hurt me.
He was sweet again, then he confessed he started drinking during those couple monthes we weren't speaking. He said he was going into the Military.. It was in August of 2012, the last time I've spoken to him.. I'm always worried about him, it's dangerous out there. And I'm completely worried..

But I know that if I could have kept either of them relationships, we could be in love and be really cute sharing funny faces on webcam, or picking on eachother in phone calls..
Just want something that special back..
ArtsyJayde ArtsyJayde
13-15, F
Jan 21, 2013