What Is Romance

It seems romance has gotten lost somewhere in this busy world of ours, it has lost it's way and many individuals do not understand what romance truly is. It's about truly knowing the other person, their likes, dislikes, spending time together, simply talking sometimes. There is such an incredible diference between having sex and making love. Having sex can be enjoyable but making love is about focusing on the other persons feelings, wanting to bring them pleasure.
Romance happens in so many ways, spending time together, cooking together, cleaning the house together. So much fun when you can take the simple things in life and make them special, romantic. It takes two people who are focused on each other, sharing each others lives and dreams. Just rambling a bit this morning but wanted to share. Welcome your thoughts
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1 Response Feb 18, 2013

Your words carry a lot of weight! Personally, I find a void. It takes a secure person to take the leap & truly love the lover. Especially if it's returned! Having sex is just a function( can be fun at times) but you hit it on the head about making love. It feels like 2 are 1...Is it fear if getting hurt that people just have sex?

Thanks for the response Spot, just rambled a bit on this one. Trust is so much part of that leap you speak of. Yes, sex can be fun, we would be fooling ourselves if we said it wasn't but when two people are focused on pleasuring the other, it becomes making love and that takes time, knowing what the person enjoys, what excites them, makes them smile, laugh and more. Thanks again for commenting.