I Love Nipple Playh

I love having my nipples played with. Licking, sucking twistng chewing I love it all. I love it more than sex. I ****** alone on nipple play. I particularly love it in public places where you might get caught. The library is my favourite. My first true experience with incredible nipple play was with my first year univerdity lecturer in the microfisch section. I was wearing a stretchy halterneck black shirt under a hot pink fluffy jumper. He came in and leaned uver me to see what I was researching. He rested one arm on the chair but the uther slipped under jumper accross my bare back an cstraight under material covering nipples. He started to softly circle the left one then he started gently pinching it. I started to squirm but he shushed me. He took my hand and led me to the back corner. He then slipped the jumper off my shoulders. I looked around nervously he then took both my breasts out and begsn flicking them with his tongue and then nipping them with his teeth. I was in extacy. I Orgasmed right there. My breasts were aching. He redressed me with a wink. We never shared a session like this again but every chance he got he'd find an excuse th gently brush by them. Since then I expect more in the nipple play department. I don't about thier pinis samina. So long as they spend the time on the nipples. Nipple ******* a great and mostley less mes tsy.u
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3 Responses May 24, 2012

I would love to play with your nipples and bring you to multiple *******.

me too

I too love my nipples manipulated, alternating between rough biting and fingernail twisting to light caressing. Would love to spend a few hours together making each other ****** just by nipple play...... hard as a rock just reading your story!