Large Nipples!

My wife is a teacher, so has to wear a bra to work.
Other than that, she goes bra-less, with my encouragement, I may add.
I like men looking at her large nipples (and she gets turned-on by it as well).
In Spring/Summer time (in England, where we live). we go out to a country pub for a Saturday lunch. We always go that we are the first customers, with only the pub landlord there.
As I order the fdinks and ask for a menu, my wife "prentends" that is 'very hot' and removes her jumper, wearing just a t-shirt underneath.
Remember she is not wearing a bra!
When the landlord comes down with our drinks, and the lunchtime menu, she takes off her jumper, and "accidentally" lifts up her t-shirt, revealing her 38d **** to the landlord!
She is very attractive, and when the publican sees her naked ****, with protuding nipples, his eyes nearly pop out!
This not the same pub, each time, probably about 20 so far.
She always sunathes topless or nude, on holiday. But there is something sexually exciting aboujt her "flashing" near our home.
Try it!
We are always guaranteed good service and it is a real turn-on, knowing the barman has seen my wife's naked breasts - without her "knowing".!
Try it sometime!
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6 Responses Jul 10, 2010

I completely agree with 'hornyoldman, you can't help what you were born with but you can decide what attitude you have. Bonnie Bell, your avatar looks lovely & speaking as a strait guy women's **** are great & nipples are even better. As this is Busters page I think that it is appropriate to to mention what a lovely pair if ***'s his wife has. It's hard to tell their shape properly, as she is laid down, but her nipples are fantastic & I for one would like to see more.<br />
Buster, sorry about using your page as a forum, but I am not sorry about looking at your wife's nipples on your avatar, I just want to suck & stroke them.

I agree with HornyOldMan too. For myself: I really like small breasts and the women that have them. There is a difference. The absolute love of my life had small breasts and was very sensual.

Dear HOldMan, thanks a whole bunch for the reassurances..We with small breasted women constantly need admirations from mature people such as yourself. Helps our self esteem cause in todays world , larger is better so they think. Love and Kisses.

Dear Bonnie Bell. It's not the size of a woman's brests that make her sexy and desireable. It's her ATTITUDE that's important. Some women I've known with big bteasts and quite boring and dull. Some almost flat chested women have been beautiful, desireable, hot and wild. Women can't control how big their breasts grow, except for the phony implants which look phony. Men can't control how big their ***** grow. We just have to work with what nature gave us.

With you large breasts fan, I guess I don't have a prayer.. I still say this sometimes good things come in small packages.. Perky, resilience and lively attributes characterizes small breasts.. <br />
<br />
I know I am gonna get lots of slacks for saying this to this group.. But I had to say it on behalf of all of us small breasted women. Might add budding breasts young women in there too.

I love your story. It is clean,wholesome,sexy, very exciting, and I was sitting here jackin off reading it and trying to imagine what your wifes **** look like. I imagined them looking extremely hot and inviting. I love looking at women especially those with sexy breasts and get turned on by seeing nipples protruding the material of a thin blouse or shirt. I also enjoy men and like looking at *****. EP has been good to me. You put your E-mail address in your story and I had a notion to E-mail you but I thought I'd offer you mine and if you want we can share stories and pictures. My E-mail is<br /> I have quite a few stories if you care to take a look.