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Well I can't speak for all women, but I enjoy dressing in see thru clothes and teasing. I dress that way to entice men to look, it turns me on! I enjoy letting men check me out and I enjoy it when a man is confident enough to talk to me while he is checking me out. It's nice to be paid the compliments. I have never had a man be rude or come on too strong so it's just fun! I do it because it turns me on and my boyfriend enjoys watching me. When we are alone he gets to reap the benefits of how much it turns me on and I can tell he enjoys showing me off by the passion he has.

So next time a woman is dressed in a enticing way, men, tell her you think she looks great, don't be shy! Women dress for attention!
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love it..and so does mitch....

Thanks for the advice and yes it make sence. Love to look at woman that is dressed provoketefly

Sexy clothes are sexy clothes. I don't care if people think "classy" or "*****" I just love the public show.

I'm with forbroke! Being respectful yet attentive reaps loads of rewards from those sexy ladies!

Loved your story, it is good to see a confident brave woman, that is not afraid of her sexuality.

Well for me, if a guy is respectful and enjoying the view I try to encourage him and smile, maybe say hello to open the door a bit. I know there are women that act put out and complain when a man is checking them out. I say, if you don't want the attention put on some clothes! I have never had a man that was enjoying the view make me feel uncomfortable, in fact, quite the opposite. I do enjoy the attention and I have received many very nice compliments. A sincere compliment is much nicer then something like, "hey, nice rack"

Yeah, williemcd, amen to your suggestion that it would be great to know the signal so I'd know when I could stare and when I could comment and have the recipiant love it. I know a sexy gal likes the glance, but, come on, give us a signal so we know when you like more.

Gr8.. it's interesting in the different responses I get from women after giving them a complement! I do all the cooking in my household and of course all the shopping at the grocers. Some women smile in acknowledgement of the complement others consider me a stalker of some sort! Sure wish there was some sort of signal as to who would appreiciate the comments! Sorta like a Hotwife anklet!

Good for you and I agree. The only difference with us is that my wife does not and will not dress sexy until I am with her. And, her reason she dresses sexy in public is because she knows I love her doing so. Actually, she dosn't like hearing about the guys who check her out, at least, that is what she tells me. We have been married for over 30 years. My first two wives liked dressing sexy in public and both liked being told about the guys checking them out. It turned them on. Of course it may turn my current wife on too, but she is not admitting it.

:) well said and my other half too likes it and he gets the benefits in the bedroom after

:) well said and my other half too likes it and he gets the benefits in the bedroom after