Wet Wet Wet

When my boobs had just grown a little and I just got a few little curls of pubic hair I went swiimming with my girl friends to a public pool and put on my new bathing costume. We had been in the water for a little while and my friend said that she could see through my costume as if I was hadn't got it on. She offered to go and get a towel so I could leave. I said don't bother no one was taking any notice. I carried on swimming and then got out to dive into the pool. People were begining to notice me now and watched me all the time. I got really turned on and really enjoyed people seeing me in all my glory. When it was time to leave I was really sorry to go. My friends thought it was fun and said they would buy the same costume for our next visit. That night I didn't get any sleep, I was friging myself alnight.
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did your friends by the same costume? did you all go back to give a group

did you all wear the same suit on day and return to the pool to give a grand show? I wish I had been there, if you haven't done it, then do it and be sure someone records the event.

BREAK OUT THE ***** AND VIBE.!!!!!!<br />

would love to go swimming with you some day

Great that you feel good about your body and are willing to let others enjoy seeing it.

I remember dating my first girlfriend, I bought her a white bikini, made of some gauzy material. I think the bottoms were lined, but the top obviously wasn't, you could see everything,not just nipples and aureola, you could see even the tan line on her boobs...

Being seen can be a lot of fun.

One evening in summer, it was warm and quite dark, I weared a champagne-coloured see-through skirt and a top (consistent with the skirt) and nothing under, and shoes of course. I walked through the streets and a guy on a bicycle saw me, he turned around and took a long view, then he drove away.<br />
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Another evening he saw me in a long dress (and nothing under) and asked me: "Why you do that?" (he remembered, that I had nothing under). But he was not alone: a group of his friends come along with him. They are giggling an laughing at me and want to take photos or a make a video with their cell-phone (I don´t know): They don´t understood^^, and I don´t wanted to be photographed by this guys. So I don´t want to reply his query and said nothing, turned around and went away without a word. They leave me alone, what a luck^^.<br />
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But it was exciting for me (I am a male) to walk around public in a nice dress and nothing under :) . All men should try it once (or more, if they want). ;) I hope they don´t laugh after that experience, if they behold a man wearing a dress.<br />
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I´d like to wear a see-through dress and nothing under on a hot summer day and walk through the city, later to a park and all the people passing by and stare at me...

Great experience for you. Do you still like showing yourself off?