My Hot

Had a new neighbor moved in during the summer. She is tall and black hair and I guess loves to wear clothes that are see thru or really thin and nothing on under them. And she loves to wear them outside too. Well she got to be friends with my wife where they were at each others house all the time. Well one day Debbie came over to our house thinking my wife was home to borrow something and she wasnt. She has to know that I stare at her all the time but it doesnt stop her from showin it all. So I let her in and she is wearing this white tank top with no bra and these tight jean shorts that are short. So she sits down at the kitchen table while i get what she came for and I return. I ask her if she wants something to drink and she said yes so I got her some water. We are talking and I cant help but look at her chest and seeing those **** poking thru that shirt and those long legs. Finally she must have seen enough as ask me if I wanted a closer look...and i kinda of stammer and said WHAT.....she then took off the tank top and ask me if that was better. Told her oh yes...much better. Then she got up and came over to me and sat on my lap facing me and i started sucking on those nipples turning her on and getting me hard. I undid those shorts and slid them off....and then took her to the bedroom...
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2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

are you goping to sneak some photos of her?

wish I had a neighbor like that.

I am glad I have. And I love watching her sunbath in her back yard.