Embarassed At The Wedding

Years ago we went to a good friend's out-of-town wedding. My wife's dress was a dark sheer see-thru mesh dress with an opaque full slip. It was quite an elegant outfit that she often wore to fancy affairs. Well, we were getting changed for the wedding and, oops, she had forgotten the slip! This was a quick trip, and she had not brought any other clothes and certainly couldn't go in yesterday's jeans and sweatshirt. After some brooding and much encouragement from me, she decided to simply wear the dress sans slip. She did have a dark bra and panties, which helped, but you could see everything through the dress, even in dark lighting. She looked fantastic! I only had one jacket, so I was of no help. She did fashion a "shawl" out of a motel towel, which looked a bit silly, but made her feel better. However, by the reception, she had received so many compliments that she tossed the towel aside. Afterwards she admitted that it had been great fun, and while she was definitely embarassed initially, after a few champagnes, all was ok. And, funny thing, everyone wanted to dance with her!
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3 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Go for it, Cheryl56! You will have a good time, I am sure.

Very nice. I have to talk to my wife about her dress.

You sure do! Women can do so much with their dresses to excite us guys. Its their natural gift that every woman should exploit.

Glad she had a good attitude and ended up having fun!

Yes, everything went well, and I have even persuaded her to wear the dress sans slip once or twice since. No one has ever complained.