Life for a woman is so unlike life for a man. True, a man may display his worth, his wealth, but the conditioned style for a woman is to display her worthiness! This is always done with her greatest asset, her body.
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Wow, pretty picture! Is that you?
Seriously, nowadays, women have many more options available to display their worth. If a woman has nothing else but her body, then most guys will tire of her pretty quick.

Beautiful woman and love her see through shirt

Certainly is !

You r so very right!!

add me please

Please add me

you are beautiful, hun. I love the looks I get when I dress sexy. pictures in my profile

Me too.. enjoy see through clothing on women :)

And I, for one, am thankful for that display.

I also enjoy see through clothing on women, and i like this picture, but i am cheeky and would like to say that you are still a little too clothed. ;)