Hawaii Hotel Balcony Sex

I wasn't sure what I was seeing at first, but I took another look and then I knew. The couple in a room below me and just over one were having sex on their balcony. I had gone out of my hotel room onto the balcony of the hotel for a cigarette and to enjoy the Hawaii scenery outside. It was a beautiful night, as usual, but this time it was even better because, well, this couple was there having sex almost right in front of me. They were being quiet, sort of. It was clear to me that they were doing this very daring and possibly irresponsible sex act without getting kicked out of the place. I first heard the muffled laughter then the woman's careful moan, then a less carful moan. Looking down, the woman was not naked, only her skirt was pulled up, revealing her naked *** and legs. Her man was firmly positioned behind her, feet solidly placed, hands on her hips and pushing into her at an angle and tempo that she was clearly enjoying. He was too and I could hear them both trying not to be heard, but unable to stifle their passion. He must have been ******* her good, she was going crazy. Then I saw him reach around her, apparently touching her ****. He leaned against her back and cupped her breast with the other hand fondling her through her tank top.

I was getting a serious hard on now. I opened my own sliding door to the room and told my wife to come out and see this. "See what?" And when Olivia did, she turned around to go back inside, but I stopped her. My wife was a little embarrassed but she's daring too and she loves, LOVES sex. I also know she is a closet voyeur and was, just then, pretending she wasn't interested. So I held her shoulders and turned her to face them again. I pressed my body against her back and my penis was beginning to put pressure against her ***. She watched for a minute, subtly shifted her hips this way and that and then turned her face over her shoulder to me and whispered, "She looks like she's really enjoying him. I'd like to be enjoying you right now."

And with that I untied her sarong and ran my hands from her shoulders to her ***. I ran my hands back up and fondled her magnificent breasts as my hard **** pushed up against her shaved ***** lips. I thrust into her and immediately began a steady and urgent pace, plunging into the ***** that I love to ****. My hands stayed steadily on her breasts and pulled on her nipples. Olivia held the balcony rail with one hand, the other went between fondling her **** and my balls. It felt so good ******* her on that balcony outside. Then my wife noticed that we had been spotted from down below.

The man there looked up and saw my wife's naked breasts with my fingers all over her. He must have noticed her motion as I thrust into her *****. I know he heard the moan escape her lips. But then the woman below became frantic with her muffled moaning and panting and it was evident that she was coming. That got her man's attention. It's hard to be distracted by anything else when you are balls deep in a woman and she is coming right in front of you. He really gave it to her hard now and fast! In just a few seconds he was coming too. We could see his erratic thrusting and his arms tightening around her. She giggled a little after her ******. She could certainly feel his ***** pulsing into her.

Olivia moaned and gave a little sultry laugh as well. "Mmmm you feel so good. It looks..uh!...like she got uh! uh!.. hers now it's mmmph!...time for unnn! for...me to come." and come she did. Her body trembled before me as she fingered her ****. She loves ******* best of all when her ***** or her mouth is full of ****. I kept riding her through it and then brought my right hand off her nipple to grip her hair. I pulled her head back and kept ******* her, unfazed by her satisfaction. I knew she was multiorgasmic and just stayed on for another one. Down below, we had gotten the attention of both our neighbors now. They looked on and I told Olivia that she had an audience. That was all it took for her second ******. This one was stronger than the first and my **** still kept pounding her. She gasped at the end of the second, "Oh let me suck you baby!" Hard to resist that kind of request.

She turned around and put her mouth right over my ****. She gave a quick lick of the tip and then took me into her mouth. My wife loves sucking **** and she is an expert at it. Now our audience could not see and went inside. I was enjoying my wife making love to my penis. She lavished attention on my balls and grabbed my *** with both of her hands. Then she pushed herself and took me down her throat. She sucked like that for a minute then came off and took a few breaths but then licked my balls again. I love getting my balls licked and she knows just how to do it. This time when she took me down her throat I was ready. I told her, 'Oh baby, I'm gonna come!" and she eased up just bit so I could come in her mouth and she could taste my ***** in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around my **** in her mouth and tasted my spurting come. She laughed with her mouth full and some come dribbled out of the corner of her mouth. Then she challenged me and open mouth kissed me. I'm not chicken so I kissed her and she passed a bit of my ***** into my mouth. Meh, I'll never back down from a challenge. I took it and swallowed it and she laughed her sultry laugh again. I loved holding her naked body in my arms on that balcony and sharing an intimate and daring moment together.
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Dec 11, 2012