Beach Tourist Area

Years ago, my wife and I went to a nice popular California beach town.   The scene was very relaxed, men shirtless in trunks, women in bikinis, shorts, tanks.  It generated a level of comfort and the ability to blend in.  We walked around, sat and watched the crowd, walked around some more.  I knew she would have a hard time coming around so I talked her into going into the bar located in the center of the area.  After a couple of Mai Tais she was more relaxed and we walked a little more.  It didnt take too much coaxing to get her to try on some bikinis on.  I picked up some trunks and a tank top for myself and we picked a large arm hole tank top for her to cover her up.  This was pretty loose so I knew there would be plenty of side boob showing. 

What I didnt plan on was how short it was, the bottom of her but cheeks were showing.
Oh, by the way, the sales guy was full of compliments as I'm sure he knows a conservative hottie that needs to be let out of her shell.

We went straight to the beach so she would not feel out of place, in the bikini.  I also picked up some wine coolers to keep the buzz going.  I took a bullet to my macho-hood and drank wine coolers to encourage her.  Of course you cant drink on the beach so we had to sneak drinks but we kept it going.  At one point, at the height of the buzz, she had to go pee and she said she would be ok going alone.  I watched her make the long walk back up to the boardwalk and she waved when she made it to the top.   I got such a hard on watching her walking in public what would otherwise be called "underware" any place else. She came back after a long while. She said she noticed a lot of people looking at her as she walked in the crowd.  I told her I would have liked to have seen her.
We had a good talk, she said "I cant believe you are ok with other men looking at me.  I thought you would be more of the jealous kind that didnt want anyone to look at me."  I said, "oh nooooo, you are hot, and no one can take that away from you.  You go ahead and enjoy your looks, I want you to show off."

As we sat on the beach, she said "here comes a man that is just checking out the women on the beach."   I told her, "give him something to look at.  Gather your bikini to show more of your boobs"  "She said, ok, but dont look......., it would feel funny to show off in front of you".  She gathered her bikini top to make it smaller, just covering the width of her nipples.  I sat sideways like messing with the icechest and not aware of my wife being looked at.  The guy walked by like 10 feet way from us.  She says without moving her mouth, "He's looking..........., he's going to trip on his jaw........., his mouth just dropped wide open." 

I complimented her on how hot she looked, she had a really good buzz and was now slurring her speach a bit says, " you sure you're ok with all this, cause I'm ready to walk around the shops now." 

I must have created a sand storm getting up and gathering our beach crap before the mood changed.   I dropped off the stuff in the trunk of our car that was near our hotel.  She just wanted her tank top in case she had to cover up.  We walked on the busy sidewalks, in and out of shops.  She whispers to me, "men are looking down my cleavage as they pass by........" I check her out and she still has her bikini gathered.  So, I pushed it a little, I told her to gather her bikini top a bit.  She didn't protest one bit !!  As we walked on the busy sidewalk, she lifted her bikini top up a bit and gathered it up showing her nipples off in public for that slight fraction of a second.  I asked her, "do you like it?" she says, "oh yeah, I love all this attention."

As we went into the touriist shops, I saw a male clerk behind the glass cases.  So I told her to go bend over and look in the cases so he can get a good close look down her cleavage.  She went over and bent forward.  Just then, the shop seemed have emptied out.  We were the only ones there.  The guy notices this, looking around looking nervous knowing exactly what he is doing.  He starts chatting my wife up.  "Hey, you look nice.... blah blah blah", wish I paid attention to that for future personal use.  And then............
I dont know what the topic was, I heard my wife say, "Yeah, my husband likes for me to show my **** off."   My mind is still processing the sound of that comment and then I hear her say, "wanna see em?"  And just like that, she takes them out of the bikini top.   She giggles, he compliments her and we leave soon after.
We are out on the street and I kiss her, hug her and tell her, "you are such a turn on!  YOU are MY turn on!"  She says "you really like this huh?"  We walk around a bit more till she puts on her tank top.  OH!!!!!!! I thought her nearly bare was hot, slightly covered was better!!

Guys were checking out the bottom of her butt as she walked, falling off the sidewalk to see the side view.  It was so hot.  We went into a combination tshirt, pool hall, and restraunt bar. She walks in first, I walk in behind her a bit and I notice guys stopping to check out her butt.  I tell her to not cover up the side view and she keeps her arms back, offers to go up to the bar to get the next round,  We have a drinks at the bar till we catch a mamoth of a buzz.  When we get to our room, fully buzzed she tells me she how turned on she was ALL DAY.

Sex was so hot that night.  She did more of the same the next 3 days except for taking them out completely again.  It was awsome.  I still get some mileage off that weekend
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Dec 15, 2012