First Time Watching My Wife

I had fantasised about seeing my wife with others for a while,It came about when I was asking her about her past lovers ,at first i was jealous then after she told me and I would think about it and her past lovers while alone ,driving etc and found myself getting aroused and hard
So during sex I brought up fantasies etc,at first she dismissed it as just a fantasy but with talk she was more worried about my reaction to seeing her with another ,that I wouldnt love her anymore or think less of her
Anyway we did it made contact with a guy and it was the best and sexiest experience of both our lives. It has brought us closer together and improved our sex lives no end
She has no worries now and i have no jealousy issues and realise she loves me and I love her more than anything
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Cool story

Thats a good ending for you guys. Wife and I feel similar. Love to watch her get it good, and I like the cleanup duties on her.

Women oftentimes have issues getting past the limits society has put on their sexuality. But once they open up (grin) they can be pretty wild in what they are willing to try. I never had jealously issues, and would encourage my wife or girlfriend to talk about their past sexual experiences. I don't know if my attitude helped, but in every case, it was the woman who eventually suggested opening up our relationship. It was even easier for them to accept such a relationship when they knew they could explore their sexuality on their terms, and that I would limit myself to an exclusive sexual relationship with her if that's what they desired.

Thats an interesting introduction for both of you .... wonder what happened next :)

My wife had the same issues with her having sex with another guy. I wouldn't love her anymore, or she might like it and want more, etc. We were in Las Vegas and she was feeling no pain, when I bought up to her about me hiring a male pro to have sex with, and that I would join in on it. She was all for it until I told her that I hired one, and then the **** hit the fan. She wanted to go home right there and then. I told her that I also included Supper in the deal, so we might just as well meet him and eat together. She agreed, but no sex! He was great. After we eat she suggested that we have a night cap in our room. That came as a surprise, but even more so when we got to our room and she wanted to get in to some comfortable clothes. She came out with a thin nighties that you could see thru. I said wow! and she said this is what I want isn't? A couple more drinks, and finally we got in bed all naked, and she started to cry. I though Oh, OH, now I have done it. I told her we could stop right now, and she said no, but she wanted me to hold his **** and direct it in her. The next day she said that if I had my hand on his ****, that I couldn't say anything afterwards about her having sex with another man.

We have had manny more 3 ways since that first time, and like you our loving has become greater.

A very moving story and shows that love conquarers all.

Even now, many years after our divorce, the remembered sight of her laying on her back, completely naked and legs spread wide apart, breathing deeply and nipples standing tall. still makes me hard as can be. The excited look of anticipation on her face as she watches his large black **** get closer and closer to her very wet and willing *****, was priceless. The look of shear exctasy on her face when his cockhead finally made contact with her ***** lips, was overwhelmingly hot. Then he pushed is cockhead into her and pulled it back out, teaseing her, his **** glistening from her juices. As he pushed further into her and pulled back out more and more she coated his ****. Deeper and deeper he enetered until finally he was balls deep in her and his **** was knocking on her cervix, she started to ***. With each of his strokes she bucked back at him with strokes of her own. The faster and harder he thrusts the more often he hit her cervix the more she would ***. Finally as he started shooting jet after jet of hot ***** splashing into her she would pull him as deep into her as she could and moan, "yes, yes **** me, shoot all your *** deep into me, Oh! god I'm *******!" Then as his **** softened and fell out of her the sight of his *** dribbling out was the absolute best sight of all.

It is such a turn on to see my wife spread her legs for another man's use and pleasure. I love to see his hard **** sliding in and out of her tight wet *****, and to hear his balls slap down against her is pure excitement. When he **** inside of her, she really gtets excited and she **** really hard too. Then when his **** softenes and slowly slips out of her, the dribble of his ******** comming out turns me on even more. I would love to watch her getting ********** by many stiff ***** and get creampied from each of the men.