Wifes First Black ****

We placed an ad in a local contact magazine looking for a guy to join us for mfm fun, we didnt pick him because he was black he just came across as a nice guy and he had played with other couples so knew boundaries etc.
We met him at our local Pub and after a couple of drinks went back to ours, at the time I had a very bad case of flu and though she offered to cancel we were both to excited so I dosed up on night nurse, once back at ours we had another drink to get comfortable and chatted then she just came out and said are you boys going to **** me that alone was so hot , I got between her legs to lick that very wet ***** while she was sucking his ****, I am not going to use the usual cliché and say he was massive as was no bigger than me ( about 7 inches) but he was a repeater , we spit roasted her and swapped ends and for me it was the contrast she is milky White natural red head against his black skin was so erotic
After I had come I sat down to watch as he continued to pound at her and I could feel myself stiring again but the combination of the flu medicine and alchol I passed out.
The next day she told me what else they did which was hot in itself he took her allover and in avery position coming in her mouth and taking her analy which she allways said was just for me but she was so worked up she just let him
He got dressed and sat in the kitchen were she made him a drink she then said she had to have him again and ripped his clothe off rode him on the chair then he put her on the kitchen table and ****** her again
I couldnt sit at that table for weeks without getting hard
She told me this the next morning in bed and allthough she was very sore we still ****** twice reliving it and have relived it many times since.
we have done many mfm since some good some not so good but still love her as much as the day I met her if not more
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My first wife got into black ***** after we split. We continued to see each other after we divorced, so I was still "involved" when she started getting ****** by her first black ****. At first she tried to tell me they were "just friends." She was from a very conservative family (i.e., "racist") and this was in the 70s, so she was reluctant to admit that she was getting ****** by a black man. He was a nice guy and got along well with my kids. Finally, she admitted he was ******* her, and how erotic she found it to take a black **** into her ****. She loved the taboo.

My second wife was into black ***** before we met. When we shared our previous sexual experiences with each other, she described how erotic the skin contrast was -- she was a pale blonde -- and the darker-skinned the man was, the more turned on she was. Also, she was very proud of how easy it was for her to attract black men.