I Love To Look At Nude People

I'm a bit shy myself. But I love to see other people's bodies. Some friends were discussing women that are nude in the locker room at the gym as if it were horrible. But I think its beautiful.

I don't see a lot of nude men in my life. My husband of course, and a few men I've had affairs with. But I've met so many men here on this site that share their pictures. Most are overtly sexual, and that's fine. Some are just happily naked. Thanks to all that share!

deborahW deborahW 51-55, F 32 Responses Jan 31, 2010

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The human body is very beautiful, both male and female. I'm glad to hear you've been able to enjoy seeing so many people naked here. I agree with you and find it a great pleasure and a privilege to see so many different, normal, everyday people you see on the High St naked. Thanks one and all!

So exciting to imagine you looking at me naked ! Something about just sending a pic to a complete stranger is quite a turn on !

Would love to see your body some time soon. You sound so beautiful.

I can email pics as well

Hi Deborahw im a 43 not gay but love wearing silk and looking at any one in satin panties..male or female. X

I agree, I want to be a nudist.

would like for you to check out my pics, and leave comments, hun!

You should post some sexy photos of your hot bod. You would love all the comments you get

As a man I can say that a woman is at her most beautiful without clothes in all her glory! And if that is you in your profile picture, then you will be a sight for the gods in the nude... you already are in that picture!

I love to see others naked, and if they are doing it and feeling aroused by the thought of being seen so much the better. I would like to be seen naked more...

I've been seen lots of times through my hotel window. If you saw a naked guy in a hotel room with open curtains, would you watch or glance and look away? Most prefer the latter, but every once in a while I'll find the former.

You're very welcome!

There are a few areas were it is accepted people may be naked, such a locker/shower rooms. There, we are in our natural state. As CarolH66 states 'it's interesting to watch others..' I believe you can see those with 'concerns' as they shy away, hide while the rest of us carry on a normal, no worries about being nude with others occasionally even joking about it! Who hasn't enjoyed a towel fight :) Life is fun and should be enjoyed!

Locker rooms at the gym and at the pool are wonderful places to show off and to see naked bodies of all sizes and ages. It is interesting to watch others in a change room. Some obviously love being naked and aren't shy about looking without too much staring, others are embarrassed both by showing and seeing, most don't seem to notice or care.

I like seeing nude people as well and would really like to see you nude, in your full sensual glory. hopefully you will consider posting some pics very soon. ive read all of your stories and think you are very sexy. please consider sharing your lovely body with us. B-)

Oh yes please Deborah, we\'d love to see your pics.

I feel so sorry for you 637robert. Hope you are keeping OK...

It's so refreshing to find a woman who appreciates nudity as you do. So many women have been scared by weirdos that it colors their view of even friendly nudists who have no ill intent. Thankfully here on EP you can view to your hearts delight.

hey would luv to perform CFNM for you....

Check out a clothing optional resort, you'll see plenty of naked people, oh yea, you should be naked too.

I would love to see more of you share pics?

please add me too!!!!

ithink it would be nice to see you nude ?

i want to see some nude women so sad!! not for the sex i just want to enjoy there body. i have cerebral palsy and have never goten to see nude women, i think about them ALL THE TIME!!! any ideals ?<br />
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I love your avatar! You should share more of yourself !

DeborahW<br />
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Visualone is a great friend I have found on here. See is confident and beautiful, but not stuck up. She is easy to communicate with and I agree if you have any questions you like lady's opinion on, she is the one.<br />
As for me, blush, Vis is again very kind. I just try to be friendly and helpful about what I know. I wish you all the best and like Vis said, happy to share.<br />
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Bare Hugs<br />

So I'm assuming you've never, ever, been to a nude beach? Poor girl, you'd love it.

How convenient that you like to look at nude people. I like being looked at nude. Friend me, take a look and comment.<br />

It is always very enjoyable for me when my lady friends and fans view my photos or me live.<br />
Love to share with you also.<br />
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Bare Hugs<br />

Share some pictures of YOUR sexy body

Thanks to you to share your opinions!!! You are a good reason to be naked!