Starting As A Young Boy

At what age I first discovered self-pleasure I have no recollection. Even baby boys are known to diddle their weenies during a diaper change.  Later, since we have to hold our weenie to pee, it becomes very natural for us to enjoy it.  I don't recall my exact age when I realized my weenie got hard when I played with it and felt really good if I kept stroking it.  I do know that somewhere around age eight or nine I realized a drop of liquid came out of it when I got to the point it felt too good to keep stroking.  Around age ten, an older boy showed me what happened when he stroked his **** - some white stuff shot out of his **** and he said it felt really good!

Sometime during my tenth year, I began to shoot more liquid when I kept stroking long enough.  Then, finally I was shooting quite a bit of liquid and it was becoming white.  My **** was also growing quite a bit, which pleased me a lot!  Of course, it was all tied to normal changes in puberty but nobody, including my parents, ever told me anything about that stuff.

As a pre-teen and young teen, I enjoyed ******* sessions with other boys but girls were also looking pretty good too!  Throughout my teens, I got to feel some breasts and eventually finger some *****, but none of the girls would **** back then; very few anyway!  I finally got some ***** from a girlfriend for the first time when I was 19.  I was living in another town my then and got a new girlfriend who let me **** her on our third date and every time after that.  We got married several months later, so I was getting lots of good *****.  But, the draw of holding my ****, getting it hard and pleasuring myself was still there.

Over the years, I've always pleasured myself regardless of how much sex I had at home or elsewhere.  There's just something special about spending time with yourself and your genitalia!  Even at my age, I enjoy taking the time to ******* by myself occasionally.  Once in a while, a buddy will come over and we'll watch a **** video or just talk sex and ******* together.  In any case, it's great to be able to relax, take my **** in my hand and stroke it until I reach the maximum pleasure point and watch my *** shoot out of my ****!
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1 Response Jan 7, 2013

Your experiences of discovering self pleasure are very similar to my own. Except in my case most of my early fun involved two female cousins around my own age - about 6-7. We knew nothing about sex, all we did know was that playing with each others gentiles felt good and we used to do it often. As for me, I used to pleasure myself every day, with them or alone, I could not go without my daily dose of self pleasure. this has continued all through my adult life, all through 50+ years of marriage and three children. However much sex I had with my wife (or anyone else for that matter) I could not go without regular self pleasure. Even as a very senior citizen (or dirty-old-man if you like) I continue to pleasure myself everyday and I would like to say this. As one gets older one may not get such hard erections as they used to, but you don't need a hard erection to get much pleasure from ************, I can still ********* and I love it.

I have often wished there had been girls my age who would have enjoyed sex play when I was in the 7 to 12 age range. Then again, maybe it wouldn't have been such a good idea after I finally understood there was a reason boys have "outees" and girls have "innees". Like you, I have always enjoyed playing with my ****, regardless of how much ***** I was getting. Playing with my **** just never gets old!!!