I Enjoy ************

Whenever I can't enjoy the company of my partner, I really enjoy pleasuring myself.  There is nothing wrong with ************ and it is actually healthy to have an ****** regularly.  I always feel so good after I have a good ****** and  I am in a great mood.  I like to ********** naked and love doing it outside under the sun.  The feel and look of my swollen hard **** turns me on.  I love to gently run my fingers along my **** from the tip of my circumcised penis all the way down my swollen thick shaft. I love the feel of tickling and gently rubbing the underside of my mushroom head along the vein at the tip of my head.  This area is full of sensitive nerves and feels so good to rub there.  My entire body tenses with pleasure as I play with my throbbing ****.  I rub my balls and tickle them in pleasure.  My naked body feels great and electric from head to toe.  I bring my self to the edge as my body tenses in pleasure, my toes curl, and my hips thrust up and down as I **** my hand.  I suddenly stop and rest as a few drops of pre-*** drip out of the tip of my penis.  I rub it around my swollen head and underside of my head and then bring my finger to my mouth and lick the rest.  It taste sweet and I always wish there was a little more.  I am really worked up now and chest is heaving and my nipples are hard and sensitive as I pinch and rub them.  My legs are tensed and spread wide open as my balls bounce around from me stroking my **** faster.  It feels so good in my hands.  A rush comes over my entire body as I release and feel myself about to *********.  I pull my erect penis that is pointing straight up towards the heavens and pull it back towards my belly as I start to ***.  I ****** and *** squirts out the tip and in the air in a artistic stream.  It lands on my stomach as I squirt a few more times.  My body relaxes in pleasure as I continue to milk my *** covered penis and gently stroke it with the slippery ***.  Ahhh..I feel so good and lay there completely relaxed and feeling great. This is so much fun and I could do it every day.
jamnatr jamnatr
41-45, M
Jan 23, 2013