Love The Many Ways

Wearing something sexy, lighting a candle, massage, foreplay, sitting in a hot tub, even just going out and knowing what the possibilities of the night hold. All of this is great sensuality for me. This is what leads to something more happening. This is where the strongest emotions come from.
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Most guys just don’t seem to understand that the path to a lady’s bed is the path of gentle sensual touch and the slow build up.<br />

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I could not agree with you more. Somehow, somewhere the romance of a relationship has gone away and the hot damn, thank you maam has taken over. I can't think of a better than spending it with wine, super food (cooked at home) music, just talking about our trivial problems, long sensual massages as the evening wears on and long, gradual foreplay even if it does not result in sex. Just enjoying each other and pleasing each other is my remedy to all of life's stresses and pressures.<br />
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You have it right on!