What Do I Do?

I know that my boyfriend watches *********** and it makes me feel worthless. I know that almost all men do - but I just really wish he wasn't interested in that crap and I don't know how to get over it. It just makes me so angry and makes me feel so non-existent to know that my guy is getting turned on by some other chick.. No, wait, I meant loads of chicks... I just feel like that's my job and I feel like I need to be able to take care of all of his needs and knowing that I obviously can't makes me feel horrible. I believe that **** and strippers and all that jazz is beautiful, but i feel... Left out in a way because he needs those girls when i am not there with him.

YES I have told him multiple times about how I feel. I really don't want to be a controlling partner who tries to manipulate him but every it's an extremely emotional subject with me and every time he tries to talk about it I start crying and I can't help it. There have been times when I've start accidentally crying when he comes to sit next to me, but it doesn't help that much because he still watches the women on the internet. I'm not going to leave the man I love because he has a disgusting habit that makes me feel ugly - so how can I get over this?

Advice? Comments?
.... HELP?

AnOldMansBeard AnOldMansBeard
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1 Response Dec 10, 2011

i will assume you are giving him loads sex or else you have done nothing to stop his habit. Loads of sex means atleast 3-4 times a week. thats most likely to be effective. Apart from that try creating your own personal **** with him. Send him your nude pics, record your own love making with him etc. That too i guess will replace his habit.<br />
and still is it doesnt work then crtiticise him. If he watches **** alot then probably he masturbates alot too. next time you have sex tell him you noticed he doesnt *** enough. tell him that you feel that because of his ****, masturbatng habit he drains most of his ***** there and so in love making sessions he doesnt give you enough.<br />
my own fiance gives me a big blush and smile when i *** loads on her. She takes it as compliment and on other hand when i *** any less she even ask me if she didnt do enough or if i have been ************. It embarresses me from ************ and so i keep my sacs loaded all day and do exercises to make sure when my girl is there she gets all.<br />
my situation is a very unique case but i just want to explain you how my girl uses pyshological warfare to keep me away from ************ (which i did alot before). She gives me impression that since i belong to her, my entire ***** belongs to her and anything less in that is denieg her rights.<br />
Im sure you will manage to create something such as i guess all girls are talented in doing such :)<br />