You my dear asked. You wanted this. You shiver not from the cold. But by your room of a rule you wanted.

Blindfold in place. A sense of security envelopes you. A blanket of safety.

One, then the other wrist. Both ankles are secured. The sheet that covers you from your covered breast to flow between your legs. Everything is covered.

You hear my voice as I whisper, "just be you"..."your warm sensual sexy self." I ask are you ok? You say yes with a dry mouth as you lick your lips.

I leave you there. You hear the door open and close. Your 4 remaining senses are on high awareness. Your heart beats faster and your breath fuels it. Anticipated what you sense. A soft femininity present by her perfume. You feel her heat heart rushes and your temperature rises. You smile...she is your birthday feel the sheet gets pulled away from the end of the bed. Slowly inching and uncovering you...presenting you like a present...ahhh the feel of satin. Little fingers of feeling sliding down your inflamed skin.... it all started with a simple kiss...and a simple "Hi"........
56-60, M
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