There is nothing more sensual and sexy when you casually and unexpectedly walk in on your lover during their most most personal and private time. You are now a voyeur at that very moment. You take note on how they do it. How they touch themselves. What makes them gasp and move. What makes them moan and arch. What makes them get a shudder.

As the moments gets closer you want to say something. You don't because you are transfixed at the moment. Your heart is racing and you feel their excitement. You want them all the more at that very moment. You start to root for them..."GO!" As the tempo pick up..their breath the hands and fingers are fondling faster as the edge themselves

The moment arrives. It's magnificent. The ascent to get here was fantastic to watch and the end is even better...but there is something that makes it better. They say your name as the crescendo is being ridden.

Now is a choice..either step away and console your private time or make a noise and join them...and kiss them deeply...for mutual personal shared time
56-60, M
2 Responses Mar 4, 2015

Join her...

Like your idea

I would be so angry if my private time was interrupted lol.

I did not say anything about interruptions


Shhhh i am cant see me..;)

Lol. But if I know I'm being watched I might be a better show. Lol

Oh yeah huh...

Almost speechless I see. Must be a great show. Lol

Ummm yeahhhh!

Giggles then maybe it will go into reruns.

Aww a repeat offender! Nice!!

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