An Appropriately Touchy Subject

Making love is only part of the magic of being with someone.  A very important part, true, but hardly the only aspect of sharing an intimate relationship between the sheets.  Touch . . . smell . . . voice . . . holding . . . caressing . . . kissing . . . undressing . . . playing . . .  When you're with someone special, the entire body becomes an erogenous zone:  humid and muggy and clinging, but with relief on the horizon -- a distant thunderstorm rolling in? 

Being able to spend quality time together, holding and being held, or simply laying, side-by-side, in each other's presence, is such a valuable, enriching experience.  It adds so much to who we are, both personally, and to one another.

Sensuality is a good, all-round, multi-purpose instrument.  For example, if my partner has been a particularly bad girl lately, being sensual with her -- brushing feather duster lightly across her hips and between her breasts, my body inching closer and closer, while tempting her with kisses, gentle nibbles, and sweet nothings about how I'm ready now, then make her wait just a wee bit longer . . .  Or, perhaps, reminiscing and elaborating over some old love letters, or her favourite erotic passages, when she's otherwise tied up . . . ?  You think I don't know she's going to pay me back some day, in spades?

Well, you get the picture.  Sensuality is hot!

UnderEli UnderEli
46-50, M
1 Response Jul 19, 2009

Well, thank-you! Actually, you ain't seen nothin' yet . . .