Hot Gardener Seduction

 When I was 20 and lived at my parents' house, we had a gardener that came by every week. Each week at his visit day I stayed home to watch over him, whilst my parents were gone. One week, while I was waiting for the gardener to show up, he called and said he was sick, and another gardener would come in his place. So I met the new gardener. He was amazingly hot! And as a bonus, he looked like he was in his 20's, too!

As it was really early (about 7 am), I was wearing a slim nightie (the kind of ones that are kimono-like); almost transparent, giving him a slight show of what I had: especially on my hardening nipples.

He asked me some questions, and instead of pointing in the direction of the answer, I bended over and showed him. I noticed him eying me. I asked him if I could get him a drink, and as I walked to get him some water, a "gust of air" came and blew the back of my robe, revealing my ***. I had talked with my friends about seducing someone, especially a stranger, but this is the first time I was about to do it.

While I was in the house, planning my next move (with my left leg on the top of the right one, giving an up skirt), he came in and asked me where the fertilizer is. I showed him, and "accidentally" brushed my body against his. My nightie dropped a little, revealing the upper part of my breasts, and I saw he was interested, but he thought it wouldn't be right. I grabbed the opportunity: I crossed my legs against his right leg, leaned forward and kissed him. He didn't let go. He moved his hands on my chest, grabbing my breasts while I started removing his shirt. He slid my nightie down, making me naked, and pressed his body to mine. With a quick shove I removed his pants and underwear, squatted, and gave him the ******* of his life. He felt like he owed me one, and so he carried me to the nearest bedroom (fortunately mine!), and before he even began his 69 I had an ******. We had amazing sex for about an hour, after which we were both dried out. After he finished his gardening job, we did it again, and then he had to leave.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?), I didn't meet him again...

Zirak Zirak
31-35, F
4 Responses Jul 29, 2009

Why doesn't stuff like this happen to me? ;=)

can i be your gardner ?

Very Hot ...

Even though I usually would side with fortune, I'm going to go with the unfortunately side on this one!