When a woman...

whispers a poem in someone's ear in a raining afternoon

slides her stocking slowly till the ankle

smiles and makes someone smiles

touches her hair and looks at someone intensely

calls her love wearing his/her shirt

uses her power to melt someone's heart

drinks a cup of tea and admires the sunshine

wants to be cuddled under the blanket in a winter night

dresses and undresses

wears black, white, red or any other color

that makes her look gorgeous

calls and says "I want to come home to see you"

cries after seeing an emotional movie

feels, smells, touches and let be touched...

At last, when her true essence can be seen

not only the outer beauty

but also the qualities behind the image of "complicated animal"...

When she is essentially a woman.


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5 Responses Jan 10, 2010

So complex, mysterious. That's the essence that draws me. Excites me.

You say it so well; I feel it in every line; I'm there.

You are melting me again with you wonderful words. So sensual.


the essence of a woman is what captivates