Youth And Beauty


Her young lover was her secret.  Almost half her age.  He was a wonderful secret she kept close to her heart.  He was a secret she hardly dare share even with herself, sometimes not believing that such a beautiful young man could give his body to her time and again, be so bold with her, his open frankness about his raw need for her surprising her everytime.  

She would allow her finger to run down along the smooth curve of his spine as he lay before her, circling his coccyx and running her palm across the firm globe of the cheek of his arse.  He was perfect, his youth and determination to look after his body displayed before her in all its glory.  

She was amazed each time they met that he would be attracted to her.  Not because she doubted her own allure, but because this young man never seemed to notice the fine lines around her eyes or her less than perfectly firm body.  

She just knew that when he made love to her she felt like a goddess both worshipped and adored.  She had nothing to teach him, in fact she learned more about her own body each time they were together and knew there was no limit to the fire he could draw from inside her soul.

She reflected that she often felt like a caged bird, constrained by normality and convention, the political correctness imposed by a society that would frown on their coupling.  So her memory and her private diary were the only places that held the secrets she treasured and she would never share them with another living soul.

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2 Responses Jan 11, 2010

me too sylph - normality is so boring.

Ooohhh...this is just sooooo good, Bliss! Love secrets...anyone I know? ...........kidding! ;)<br />
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That's sad, ay? When society dictates the norm...but what is norm anyway? Except for those who are afraid to face their hidden dreams and thoughts...those who are afraid to explore their needs and desires. <br />
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I rather be not in the norm then. ;)<br />