Sex And Sensuality

maybe it's because 'sex' is a short and easy word, that it is so successful;  sensuality is more difficult and harder to understand and to practice.  it's a matter of glances and fingertips, of delicacy and teasing, of using all possible resourses the body has to offer to seduce.  sex is only the final result...

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Ah, I am so with you moreandless and already twisting in the light teasing grip of your words! For me sensuality very much exists in the sexual act too, those times I've kept sensuality through every moment and act of ******* it is truly mind-blowing (and highly addictive!)..mmm the playing and teasing, the change of pace and the surprises!

I couldn't agree more, Sylph and Darlene!<br />
Thank you, XVII, for your advise...

Sensuality is the end all be all. Without it, sex is just mechanical. With intimacy & sensuality I can almost be brought to climax, staying on that edge is so tantilizing.

Great words, wind those girlies around your fingers :p!

Oh yeah...just the sensuality alone can heighten anyone's senses. ;)

Sex is a physical act. Sensuality starts in the mind. The mind is the largest sex organ in the body, merely because it is what registers the physical and can create the emotion.

oh, thank you Eve!

not necessarily so i think, david...

wow, bella, thank you

Yes !!!<br />
<br />
Wonderfully simple story that explains it so well...:)