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Sex With The Vicars Wife

It all started on a website....just chatting, general things to start with. then out of the blue.. " do you like *******" ?. I answered the question and from then on all the chat was sex related. Another quote came one day.. " if only you Knew the half of it" , well what are you hiding I asked.. I am married to a vicar. Well I would be lying if I said I felt guilty of our relationship albeit online. She was the one who pushed for more. We met and had great sex. Once again she was someone married to someone who was married to the church. there was no guilt on her behalf and me being a man was thinking with my d***. I have no regrets it was a wonderful time. Then she stopped seeing me, stopped txting, stopped everything .I did worry for her , so I emailed... the response was she had fulfilled a dream!!!!! Yes fond memories of the vicars wife.
holdfirm holdfirm 46-50, M 2 Responses Nov 1, 2011

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So Did you ever have sex again with this starved wife

A good story, I think often women want to try a new lover before they are to old just to see what a different **** will be like it is a naughty girl thing.