I Love Lace And Silk Undies!

My wife and I shop at wal-mart only because that's whats in our town. We almost always take a tour of the girls undies and she lets me pick out a pare for me. Its hard and near impossible to find a real fancy pair of panties, so I settle for the next best thing, a lower grade in my book. My wife will not let me ware her cloths but is just ok with me as long as I don't go out into the public that way.
I like dresses and bras undies and pads for the undies. Cant pass as a women tho I would like to try. I wear undies to work over my diapers now, first it was just undies and silk Cammy shirts
Now my new fetish is Diapers. I love the feel and bulkiness of them. I love to pee in them and feel the warm pee flow around my body, I get a small erection every time I pee my Diaper.
Now as I sit here writing this life story I have the urge to poo and pee for some reason..................Oh! that was hot and feels so good.
pafasted80 pafasted80
61-65, M
1 Response Sep 7, 2012

When I'm traveling and have time I go to different stores to see what panties they carry.