One Thing Is Certain

 No matter what I wear, from a business suit to cut offs and a halter top in my yard, one thing is certain: I always wear something sexy and lacy underneath, or nothing at all.  The plainer the outer outfit, the more lacy and frilly I will be. Wearing Sexy under things make me feel sexier. I have been told that it is a huge turn on when the edge of my lacy panties peeks out from the split sides of my cutoffs. If I am giving a speech, or a business proposal in a black or grey suit, I feel so confident when I am wearing a hot silk and lace ensemble. I know that I have everyone's attention when I bend over a table and am going through stacks of files, and I look up to see numerous sets of eyes peering down my blouse at my red satin and lace bra. That red gets them every time!

TeslasTemptress TeslasTemptress
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4 Responses Feb 25, 2009

first someonb need to feel sexy to enjoy sexy sensual pleasures - ur well ahead of the game sweet lady

Sweetheart, you have my attention, all the time. Forget the speech, plenty of lace do's the trick every time.<br />
<br />
Hugs Gilbert xxxx

I'm always jealous of the women I work with, they wear lacy slips or half cup bras under see-through blouses, or one or two wear the slip as the shirt. It will generally drive me wild, frequently though I just wish I had the guts to give them a flash of MY underwear, just to let them know they are appreciated.

I like the way U dress !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!