Thanks to Kt

Well, the only play that i read of his was Julius Caesar and i loved it! All thanks to my teacher who made it so enjoyable!

She explained it so well that when i read it later by myself, i just couldnt help loving it. I can't even count the number of Casca-like and Antony-like ppl i've met!

I love the way he describes the characters in the calling casca 'valient' and the way antony keeps calling them 'honourable'

Sometimes i feel like i'm like one of the plebeians! I am just as fickle minded as them!hmm...

There is this one guy i know who does't have the balls to go upto a person and say what he feels. When it comes to bitching about ppl, he's worse than  girl!

so this one day i was havig a row with him and i told him he's so much like casca that he made me sick! the best part, he dint even understand what i said and everyone who did, burst out laughin! hehehe..sometimes i DO enjoy it when ppl dont get what i say:D

I always wanted to read Shakespeare's To Be Or Not To Be. Well, its one of my goals now! Lets see When i'll do it!


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You should watch the movie starring Marlon Brando as Antony. I think by Shakespeare's 'To be Or not to be', you mean Hamlet where this quotation appears. Keep reading