My Beautiful Wife ***** Young Gis Who Have Just Returned From The Middle East

We are experienced swingers who have found a new way to express our appreciation to the troops returning from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.
We find young guys who have just returned from overseas, before they find new girlfriends or visit their wives. The guys are usually very horny and have have little sex except bjs from other men for the duration of their overseas deployment. We tour EM clubs and bars near the bases to find our beneficiaries. My wife is a pretty, very busty blond, 5-4, 155#. She wears something very tight or low cut at the top to show off her boobs. After a drink or two with some 20 year old horny stud staring down into her bra, the guy will follow us anywhere.

In the car on the way to our motel, the wife makes out with the young studs and plays with their penis. She leads them into our motel room by holding on to their erection, like a puppy on a leash.

Then in the room, she blows them until they have given her mouth a first load. Otherwise the guys are so horny, they shoot a load as soon as they enter her *****. After their balls are lightened by the first load, they are in good enough physical condition to give my wife a good, long and athletic screwing. She can usually get 4 or 5 loads from each guy before we take them back to the base entrance. The guys are wobble legged from the intensity of their ******* when we drop them off.

Yes, we are patriots welcoming home our warriors in a special way, but it also provides my wife and me with the hottest sex we can imagine. We can suggest this fun to any woman or couple who are looking for hot, young studs.
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6 Responses Aug 30, 2010

Me and my buddies are always well serviced by couples in this way both pre and post deployment.

Well done man. This is in fact a nobel and ancient practise. Even in primitive tribal cultures the returning warriors would be treated as kings and have the wives of other men, often with the men themselves offering their wives willing. A child born from such an encounter would have higher status and would also thereby benefit the non biological father. If a man refused to offer his wife even after a returning warrior had asked him then it was up to the wife. She could act aginst her husband's wishes and the husband was punished if he retaliated against the warrior or his wife.

dosnt she wanna sneak on ba<x>se into a baracks n give herself 2 all the guyz there? i kno i wud!

We dad that with a marine

Thanks for sharing your experiences. I would like to do that with my wife. Any soldiers who want to have my wife welcome them home let us know....

our balls are so full of *** when we get back from war, they feel like they gonna burst, so if u get a group of us together with your wife, and you if you want, u'd get completely splattered in all our ball slime

I wish I would have found you two when I got home a few months ago