Perfect To Use

I have been sharing my wife with other men now for about 6 years. It started out slow, then we got into swinging a lot, now we seem to back slow again. I think we are both still way into playing, it just got harder to do because of everyday life. We are starting to "ramp up" playing again, and it seems to make everything better. She really enjoys playing and I love to watch more than anything. I always join in the fun and she loves it. I think she makes a perfect little **** wife to be used. She is 25, tight body, shaved, likes to get dirty, and can't get pregnant.

Her not being able to get pregnant took our fun level to a different level. When we play with close friends that we trust, they do not have to wear condoms. She loves the feel of hot *** on her and in her. I visually love the sight of it on her body. I have done "sloppy seconds" and once she even got a nice cream pie from a friend then rolled over and sat on my face (a story for a different time).  I enjoy sharing her, and she enjoys being shared. I hope it continues.
cormaro91 cormaro91
26-30, M
4 Responses May 11, 2012

Such a sexy fun hotwife! You are a lucky man - and she is lucky she has you.

Your wife is a goddess!!

I am a single male that would be interested in making it a 3 some if you would consider me.

That is hot