A Fantasy For Now.

Have a recurring fantasy of going to a couple's home that (unknow by my wife) are into hard and soft swap.

It begins with a casual meeting that incurred because we had something innaccuous in common. They invite us to dinner at their house and we accept. The night of dinner we enjoy casual conversation with plenty of wine in our glasses. When we are very loose from the wine they turn the conversation to their enjoyment of soft swap and they difine that as caressing and kissing each others spouse, and when things heat up we retire with our own spouse to finish the job that was started.

The fantasy progresses as I watch my wife (being somewhat high on her wine) allows a little hugging and then a little light lip kissing with the husband. Pretty soon he starts french kissing her as they are locked in and embrace. She looks over at me and sees that his wife is kissing me and stroking the outside of my pants and my wife seeing that allows him to now start to grope her and  fondle her breasts while squeezing her ***. She allows this and I can tell she is getting very turned on. He then takes it a step further and reaches under her blouse to get a feel of her firm breasts and with his other hand grabs her hand and places it on his bulge. She gets really hot with the feel of his member and starts to rub his bulge in slow steady strokes. Now he is reaching down her pants to her moist ***** and fingering her **** which makes her start to moan under her breath. Her hips are now heaving towards the feel of his hand and as he is getting her hotter he whispers to her " do you want it?" to which I hear her whisper in a low throaty voice "Yesss" He turns to me and asks me " do you want me to give her what she wants?" and of course I tell him to give her what she desires. By the time I answer him my wife has her blouse off and is peeling off her bra, and slipping out of her pants and panties. While he takes his shirt off she is unbuttoning his pants and pulling down his shorts. She pauses as she looks at his huge **** hard in anticipation for her. She likes what she sees so much that she takes it in her mouth and sucks it all the way down her throat with up and down motions of her head with hair bouncing to the rhythm. He pulls away and lays her on their couch spreading her thighs and putting his huge throbbing member at her opening and then thrusting it deep inside her. They **** like this will be the last time they will ever experience this much passion. Harder and deeper with each thrust untill I see his **** squirting out of the sides of her dripping *****. They collapse in each others arms still kissing and moaning. He's spent and she is in total rapture from his pounding. The *** is thick and dripping from her like a fountain as she takes her hand and reaches down to scoop as much as she can and then places it on her tongue to smell and taste his scent. They then retire to the bedroom for something only they share.

This is my fantasy everytime I make love to her. I keep hoping I'll meet that couple and let it all come true.

fuelyourself fuelyourself
Feb 16, 2009