Out First Time

Before we were married we were even not lovers but only friends. She was dating with the close friend of my ex-girlfriend. One night when we were alone, it suddenly started. We made love. ( I had cheated my girlfriend and she had cheated her fiance). She said this was a mistake and continued the marriage process with her fiance. One day she confessed her fiance the night we had made love. The guy was apperantly schocked. She told her fiance that “you had cheated on me with that nurse, and I cheated with your friend. Now we are even”… After this confession the guy got a little bit weird. Became very rude to her. Controlling her every minute. Became more and more paranoid. She could not stand him any more. Left him and came my apartmen with a little suitcase. We started to live together. About a year later we got married.   However, I could never forget the starting of our relation. She had cheated her fiance with me. Then left me and returned her fiance for about 6 months. And returned back to me. And in the future she would cheat me as well. I started to become obsessed with this. I started to question her about her previous sex life. I suprisingly realized that I was getting very excited while she was telling her past affairs. And I also was feeling the burning heat of jealousy over all my body. One day I asked her if she would like to **** once more with her ex-fiance. She said “no”. Then I asked her if she would like to **** by any man that she may have in her mind. And she said “no” again. She said “you are my only man, and I don’t need any body else”   However, I keeped on fantasizing her with another man. When I told her this she wouldn’t belive. She knows how jealous man I am. It took me months to convince her that I really have this fantasy. We were making love while I was telling my fantasy. Finally she believed me. She registered to one of the adult friend sites. After chatting hundreds of single man she chose a young university student at 19 year old.  (she was 22 at that time) She asked my consent. And I said okey. She wanted to be sure that I am not going to get hurt. I told her go ahead. She invited him to our place. I started to shake at that second. My heart was beating so strongly that ı felt that it would expode in a moment. She took shower. Got on her sexy lingerie and transperant blouse and mini skirt.   Finally the young guy came. We chat a bit while dirinking wine. When my wife was at kitchen I whispered her what is she thinking. She asked me “ do you really want this?” I said “yes”. She asked again: “are you sure?” I said yes. Then asked me “what do you want me to do?” . I said “now I am going back to living room. After one minute call him as if you need his help to carry something. And pull his arm towrds our bedroom” She asked me “and what will you do?” .”After you start and progress about 10 minutes or so I join.” She said “okay”   I went back to the living room. As we agreed she called him. He went to kitchen. And did’t return. After a few minutes I heard that they are at bedroom. I was trembling. Shaking by excitement and jealousy. I snaked towards the bedroom door. It was open. I started to watch the guy is kissing my wife. She was totally naked. Oh boy she was so beautiful. The guy had still his clothes on. I didin’t want to be seen. I returned the living room to spend 10 more minutes as we agreed. 5 or 6 minutes later my wife came naked and asked “why don’t you come?”. I kissed her and said “I will be in couple of minutes. Just return and continue. I’ll be there in a minute.” She returned. After a minute or so I sneaked towards bedroom naked. I was totally turned on. The guy was also naked now and kissing the ***** of my wife. My wife was making the noice of joy while her eyes were shut. I froze. Kept watching. When she opened her eyes she saw me watching. Called met to join. I entered the bed. The guy was kissing her breast her lips with a lot of hunger. Suddenly I realized that the guy was trying to encounter. But my wife was not helping him by not properly opening her legs. I grasped his ****. Put at the lips of my wifes vagina. And he bounced. Entered fully. My wife moaned with pleasure. Oh boy I was going to die. I ejeculated immadeately. Sat at a corner started to watch the guy pumping my wife and after a while my wife screamed with pleasue. She had her first ****** with a stranger in front of my eyes. My **** was hard again. I jumped to the bed and said the guy now it is my turn. I entered in her. It was very wet and burning. I was ******* her wildely. Her second ****** didn’t take long. I relaxed a bit. Told the guy that now its his turn. Till the morning we made several turns like that. She did not keep counting after her 8th ******.   This had happened in first year of our marriage. We are stil married and very very happy. This year is the 10th year of our realtionship. We are very open to each other. We became closer and closer the more we broughed different men to our bed. Some times she goes out alone to **** with a man. And returns without taking a shower. The smell and love juice of other men over the body of my wife makes me crazy. I love her hell very much. I cannot think any other woman can make me happier then my wife. She is my angel. She is my life. She is my everyting……

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Great story.

paragraph would be good, i would be pissed if my wife ****** other me on her own though.