I Did It. Yea!

The other day I got up and went through my panty drawer to see which sexy panties I will wear today. I picked out a pair, went downstairs to make coffee and log on to EP. While the coffee was brewing I went to check my mail. There were a few new friends and fans added overnight. I started checking them out and they were all guys. I was hoping to have a few females respond to my pics. Not this morning. Anyways as I checked out the pics I saw a few ***** that were clean shaven. That turned me on and as I got excited I started to think about doing me.

A few hours later after a couple of vodka and tonics I decided to clean my area up. I have been cutting my hair at the #2 setting. So I set it to the #1, the closest setting. After trimming all of the hair from my **** and balls, I decide they needed to be shaved. SO I got out the old Norelco and began to SLOWLY remove all of the hair. I put on baby powder first to help the shaver to glide over my skin. This helps also with razor burn. I finished the job and looked at my self and got tuned on, so I ***********! What a feeling.

Of course I wanted to share with the world so I took pics and posed them on EP. Man did I get some responses. I applied aftershave when I was done. The next day the skin was still a little tender so after applying Old Spice aftershave again, I rubbed in aloe vera gel. This seemed to help. The next day things were good to go. Last night I wore my sexy nylon panties to bowling and there was NO DISCOMFORT. I love the new look. Now I HAVE GUYS (no girls yet) wanting to have cyber sex with me. I'm up for that anytime. The exhibitionist in me wants to share it all. I hope you enjoyed this story.
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I know what you mean!