It Started On A Cruise

Went on a cruise shaved just for a giggle, and to trim up for a swim suit. Wife liked it, I like it, so I now keep my "package" clean shaven. It feels so good when I JO or get a BJ. Wife does a very good job of it to. When I shave it gives me a lame excuse it JO, so I got that going for me too. It's easier to shave if you have a *****, so one shouldn't waste a perfectly good ***** should one? So I hardily support shaving by both men and women. So luv a shaved ***** mmmmm. So ladies please shave and guys keep it smooth.........:) 

Titus51 Titus51
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4 Responses Feb 24, 2010

I heartily agree. Smooth ***** and ***** are the best. Feels so soft and smooth and nice to look at and jack off. Nice for wearing **** rings too. Hair doesn't get caught.

I have been shaving all over my body so long I forgot what my body looked like with hair. I love the smooth look and I plan on staying hairless. At first I was a bit nervous to be seen shaved, but everyone whohas seen my shaved body likes it. <br />
I first shaved my pubic hair when it first started growing because the other boys in my gym class made fun of me because I had pubic hair and they didn't. After I shaved the teasing stopped and I found that I really liked not having any pubic hair. <br />
Now its been over 20 years that I've kept my body shaved.

I understand how popular it is, and I have done it before in the summer for bikini season.<br />
However I really like pubes on a man. I find it holds the smell, love running my fingers through them and reminds me I am with an adult.<br />
I maybe in the minority, but that is my preference.

I totally agree. I'd love to see yours and hers!