I Get Turned On Panty Shopping

I am a girl with a bigger panty fetish than most guys. Every time I am at the store I have to check out the panty bins and usually end up coming home with several new pairs. I also have to say that when shopping for panties I get turned on, and get even more turned on when I am shopping next to another girl and see what type of panties she is picking out. I have had several times I get so wet I start to blush and wonder if they can smell me. I have went into the changing room and slide down my skirt, pants, or short sand seen how wet I am, often times soaking through the front of my panties and worrying about if I was going to soak through my panties or shorts and make a wet spot on them. My friends collect shoes, purses, etc and I collect panties. I love my panty collection and have clear bins full of them. Panties have always been a turn on for me, its pretty easy to see why guys are so fascinated with panties, they are just so sexual and erotic and there must be other girls like myself who have a fetish for panties.
apantygirl apantygirl
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I get turned on when other guys see what type of panties I am looking at or buying

Yes, most of us guys are fascinated by panties. When in a store, I often go through the women's section, and always walk real slow when passing the panties. Its great when someone is actually there shopping, as they often get quite flustered when they notice I am watching them, and what kinds of panties they are buying. The checkout line is also great if you happen to be behind a women with several pairs of panties, as her reaction when she notices you are checking our her purchases is often priceless.

That happens to me as well. Just that it´s harder to find men thongs but that doesn´t stop me and I check everywhere I see a stand. I have a nice swimwear and underwear thongs and g-strings collection. It turns me on as well. I get so hard when asking if they have more styles and when paying. I get a great rush inside me. I have to lean agains the counter so my ***** doesn´t show. I have all kind of colors and styles and love to take the sun out in public wearing nothing else. Keep it wet !!