I M Shopping Maniac!!!

When people feel lonely, fed up with routine life, they like to hangout with friends, or some like to enjoy meal at some good restaurant. But,when I got bored & stressed. I do like to do shopping ( even I don't mind doing window shopping sometimes). Afterwadrs, I felt fresh & different. It might be different to read all this here. But, believe me, shopping gives me a break & mental relaxation.

Now , you must be wondering, what kind of a stuff of shopping, I do enjoy alot . Here, am not talking about grocery or household supplies. No. no no..oh oh.... I do like buying latest fashion stuff , like , clothes, bags , jewelery , watches , sun-galsses, makeup ..etc etc..anythng related girl stuff, and also CDs, VCDs..

Though, am not very social person, neither I go on parties on every weekend , nor I do arrange social gatherings at my palce. But , you may say, I like to keep myself up-to-date, always clean , prim & proper. I cannot wear  something out-dated, or the same clothing for so long.
So, I also do shopping to carry on with the latest trends .Due to my good fashion sense, my friends & collegues always compliment me.

Apart from knowing latest fashion stuff, shopping also helpful in a manner to interact with new people. Through shopping , I also learnt about new brands in market , which one is more popular among people, & , whats in & whats out...etc etc...And, which is the best place or mall for shopping , where the quality is good, cheap  & affordable.

I still remember after my graduation, I was getting bore & waiting for my interview results. Suddenly, my friends called me & asked me, to get along with her for shopping.Than , she told me about the newly built mall in our area.I felt excited & got ready, we went together .We spend quite a few hours roaming in the mall, exploring new stuff in clothes , finding the latest  trendy bags, trying different colors bangles , make up..etc etc.. Even though , we didn't shop alot, but had a great time .I enjoyed the smell of fresh , and different circulating fragrance of perfumes in the shopping mall.The smell of new & branded products in the mall always fascinates me alot. Its like breating in a fresh air.
When I used to have a job & earning a good salary...I used to shop alot for my friends & family.
During religious festivals and celebrations, many people feel irritate to go for shopping in a crowded malls & shops.But, I await whole year , to have fun & enoying shopping during festivals.

Shopping is not all too good, thats what my mothes always tells me; but what I can do , when I AM A SHOPPING MANIAC................!!
sanasafinaz sanasafinaz
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4 Responses Jul 28, 2010

Yeah, same for me- seems to be a typical thing for us women to love shopping. I have so far never met a man who really loved shopping.

Retail therapy works for most women :P

great !so, very are lil alike :))

Sounds pretty much like me :) whenever I'm depressed I go buying shoes and accessories :D shopping is a therapy lol not that I'm addicted but yes, I like to shop.