London Bathroom

While I was travelling in the UK last year I stopped in at a small pub in London for a bite to eat and a drink. After i'd had a few pints I needed to take a **** so I headed down the staircase to the mens room. The bathroom was tiny and only had 1 urinal. I stood at the urinal and took out my ****. I'd had a few drinks and was feeling a little horny, so since there was noone else in the bathroom i had a few quick little tugs at my **** before I started to pee.

Another guy came into the bathroom. I was surprised to realise that, because of where the urinal was positioned, anyone who came through the door had a perfect view of my ****. I saw the surprise on his face as he stepped in to see me standing there directly in front of him with my **** in my hand. Because there was only one urinal he had to stand and wait for me to finish and because the room was so small he was less than a foot from me. He was smiling awkwardly and I could tell he was trying not to look at my ****. I just smiled back letting him know I was comfortable.

I continued to pee trying my hardest to make the moment last as long as a could. He was trying to look away but he didnt really have anywhere to look and I could see him catching glances at my ****. Which was perking up at the thought of him watching me. When I finished I let my **** hang there for a few moments and shook it off slowly, all the time leaning back so that he couldn't help but see all of my near *****. I made sure that I turned my face away so that he could have a proper look without me catching him. When I turned my head back I caught his eyes snap up from my **** to my face. I smiled at him again. He knew that I had seen him looking.

I turned towards him and pulled my **** back into my pants infront of him. 'All yours', I said and I moved over to wash my hands. I watched him step up to the urinal through the mirror as I took my time washing my hands. He turned his head to look over his shoulder at me. I pretended I hadn't noticed, but he knew I was watching him. I could see his arm moving around as he held onto his ****. As I casually made my way out of the bathroom I chanced a look at his ****. His semi-erect shaft was hanging between his fingers. I quickly popped my hand in my pants and readjusted my junk. He saw me look and leaned back so that I could have a better view. We shared another smile before I left.
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Love when this happens. I'm hard!