Funny, Silly, Harmless Remarks That Make Me Smile

Here are a few funny, harmless remarks that have made me chuckle and smile;

1. From Ellen Degeneres Show; * I Love God, but admit that I drink* this came from an elderly womenand now is a slogan on a tee-shirt that apparently is selling OFF the market. It makes me giggle .

2. My son recently told me that the poor guy who is the Big Purle Dinosaur, Barney, which i both HATED and LOVED, fell down a flight of stairs in a live show and said UNFORTUNATELY the F word, now it's NOT funny to the kids or the parents that paid to see the live program, but lets face it, it is HYSTERICAL!! (at least to me).  This poor guy, though making millions of dollars, has had to spend his life singing obnoxious songs OVER and OVER again, and during a live performance reacted like many of us MIGHT, by simply quickly reacting and saying *F--K*. I guess why this is so hysterical to me, is because this man, probably never thought that the avenue of his talent would be skipping, jumping and singing * I love You, You Love Me*, over and over agan!! Now seriously people, for anyone who aspires to display a TALENT, Gift etc .... truly does NOT want to be wearing a gigantic purple dinosaur outfit, for years upon years.

Well his unfortunate remark, obviously banned him, for i think about 6 months from live performances. Bless this poor man, I'm completely surprised it took so long before he swore!! I remember taking my kids to a live production, the kids stomping joyously while MOST of the parents GRINDED their teeth.

A 6 month break from BARNEY, is probably what will keep this man SANE.

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1 Response May 5, 2007

YES, unfortunately, but the story still makes me giggle!!