My Sissy Husband.

I make my husband read sissy stories out loud to me while he is naked and watch him get erections when the stories turn to sucking ***** or when getting their sissy hole screwed. I also have him naked when looking at transgender or sissies. It is so amusing to me because he tries so hard not to show how it turns him on. He is such a sissy him self. I have him do this several times a week.
confinedhubby confinedhubby
7 Responses Jan 6, 2013

Good for you. Do you have him on hormones yet?

You'r a good wife. I like the way you think. There should be more women like you.

Maam, YOU should get YOUR hubby all excited, then tie him down to the bed. Start giving him a delicious blow job, but stop soon, and apply a good blindfold!! Then YOU give him some more oral action, and then tease and pinch him a little. Now this is when YOU have a gay friend or sissy male in female clothes secretly take over the blow job, slowly teasing him to ******. Along the way, have the male stop, and YOU in YOUR voice tease him and make him beg YOU to finish. After YOU do this for a little while, allow the sissy male bring YOUR hubby to ******. Just as he shoots his load, remove that blindfold and let him see who is pleasuring his **** and remind YOUR hubby that he begged the sissy male to blow him!! It will mess with his mind, and it will be even more effective if you video tape it!

slave john

I'd volunteer for that!

thank you for this story he is very lucky to have you, sissy love to the two of you

Your an awesome wife.

I would love to be your sissy. You seem to have so much fun.

sooo cool of you to do that to your sissy boy !