Goold Ol Salt River

For those of you who aren't from Arizona, the Salt River is essentially a 2-4 hour lazy river that most people just sit back relax and drink very heavily. Well my gf and I went with a group of friends that we worked with during the week. We all worked at a restaurant and the 7 of us managed to work out a way that we could all leave for the river by morning (some of us got the day off, some did the night shift, etc). Well a few beers later all the girls in the group were topless, which is pretty common on the Salt and since it wasn't the weekend there was hardly anyone on the river. We did see a few groups of topless women and of course some drunk guys with signs saying "Flash for beer" lol. Well anyway my gf, her best friend, and I got split up from the rest of the group so my gf decided that she'd take off her bottoms and get rid of her tan lines, and it wasn't long before her friend followed. As soon as her friend (we'll call her Sarah) took off her bottoms she looked at me and said, "What you're going to just sit there in your shorts while two young girls are naked? That's not fair". Being that we had been naked around each other before I just said, "you know you don't have to ask me twice" and I took off my shorts. We just started talking about how the rest of the group is sure missing some fun and Sarah mentioned to me "you know, I've been naked with you two many times but I've never seen you hard before" so my gf decided she would change that and she handed Sarah her beer and leaned over to give me oral. She popped up and said "how's that for a hard on", Sarah said "not too bad" with a smirk. My gf knew that Sarah loves giving oral so she asked her if she wanted to give me head. Sarah asked if she was serious, and she said "Why not, it's not like one blow job is going to hurt anyone". Sarah leaned over and I can honestly say she was amazing! The 3 of us ended up fooling around for the rest of the float and by the time we got home we all jumped in the shower together and had an amazing night.
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2 Responses May 16, 2012

That an awesome story dude! I have got to try that if I'm ever west coast! sounds like you had a great vacation day...with nice finish too!

And then you woke up from your naughty dream and went to work :-p I have a few doubts about that story but if it really happened that way: it was your lucky day ;)