Online Torture

I have a lady friend that lives away from me. She makes me go into yahoo site and torture my balls at her command.Tieng them tite and seperating them until they turn nice and purple. Them I am instructed by her other frieds as to what to do. Usually involves beating my balls with a ruler till I ***, or using a wood clamp on my balls to squeeze them even more. Sometimes I am instructed to "hang" by my balls. Just wish I had someone in real life to do this to me
dld2000us dld2000us
5 Responses Jan 14, 2011

Well tell me where you live and if you live close by I will gladly torture you :-)

I love to tie my balls tight and seperate my balls into two pouches little marbles almost blue. My **** purple but don't let myself *** for a long time. Gentle taps to my **** or balks so painfully good. Sometime use a ***** in me. After an hour of this when I do *** it is very intense! Had a mistress tie me to the bed once didn't tie up my **** but slowly kept me hard I was begging to ***.. Amazing *******!

I get turned on when my wife hits me in the ball befire I unload in her. Taking a hit in the balls can only be experienced by a man, that is why I enjoy it.

How did you find this online lady? I want one too.

Try sex chat lines. There are some tough women at "". You can buy a gift card from the store if you want to avoid using a credit card.

I don't like my balls hit or beaten but I like the tied, pulled, and squeezed. My wife will put them in her mouth and squeeze them, biting my scrotum just below my ****. I love my **** tortured. <br />
Tie it, bite it, bend it, hit it. My wife puts my **** in an industrial vise on my work bench. Then she ties my balls and jerks them back between my *** cheeks. She burns it with candles and cigarettes. I am in heaven.