Slow Sensual Surprise (a Reddened ***, **** And Balls)

Normally, when I have to administer discipline to a disobedient male, he is in a **** cage (chastity device).  I don't want him getting an erection and feeling pleasure when it is not his place to do so. 

Every so often, I will have a male who just doesn't understand that his punishment is not for his pleasure.   I do not let a man touch his penis when he is over my knee for a spanking.  He obviously is not allowed to *** on my leg and heaven forbid he starts humping my leg when he's being spanked.

For the little fool who decided that it was going to turn a spanking to his pleasurable advantage, I had a little surprise for him.  I was tired of him trying to hump my lap during a spanking so for this particular day's spanking session, a released him from his **** cage and had him bend over the dining room table legs spread wide apart.  I started warming his butt up with a few spanks from a paddle when I told him that his behavior regarding his penis during our spanking sessions was intolerable. 

He received some swats to his little penis and tiny balls.  That had him standing up and dancing all over the dining room.  I told him to get back into position and quickly or else I would tie him to the legs of the table and his arms underneath the table.  He thought it was a little bit of a joke and thought that perhaps I didn't really mean to spanking his "private" parts.  So he positioned himself as I had instructed.  When I spanked him again on his little penis and balls, he jumped up and protested.  I told him to get back on the table or else he would be in for a bigger and more painful surprise.  He complained that he didn't want his wife to know that he had sought "spanking treatments" and he felt that if he went home with a bruised penis and balls that she would know that he was messing around on her.  He had numerous affairs on his wife and sought spanking treatments from me as punishment for his infidelity.  (I didn't tell him that everybody knew that he was cheating on his wife because he was so obvious about it.)  I told him that to get back into position. His legs were then secured to the legs of the table.  His arms were bound (hugging the dining room table) and secured with very strong tethering rope.  He was scared because in past sessions, I had never bound him before.  I told him that he needed to be scared because he was going to learn a lesson that he would never forget.  He started to cry.  He said that he was playing all this time (having affairs) and wanted to continue to play. He felt that as long as his wife didn't know about his affairs and he continued to come to me to be "absolved" of his sins, that everything would be fine.  I said I was playing too, but the game was about to be over real soon.

More spanks were applied to his ***, penis and balls.  When the discipline was finished, his lower regions were a lovely crimson color.  His hands were unbound from under the table as well as his legs.  As he turned to get up from the table, he looked behind him, there stood his wife with my paddle in her hand.  She had given him the bulk of the spankings in this session.  He was shocked. The look on his face was priceless.  She said she knew all about his affairs (everybody did) and wanted me to teach her how to discipline her husband.  He had no idea that his wife sought me out.  We met casually at a clothing store and sat down over coffee to discuss her marital situation.  She really wanted to teach her husband a lesson.  It was decided that she should administer discipline to her husband without him knowing that it was her giving it to him.

His rampant affairs quickly stopped but she allows him a few lustful looks and attempts at fondling them just so that he can enjoy an infraction based discipline.  He loves CBT. Now, his wife holds the key to his **** cage. He loves that she is dominant (something he has always wanted). She has become a great Domme.  She has a fully equipped dungeon and handles husbands who can't seem to keep their little penises in their pants!
HEY, I'm not in the mood to write free ****.  If you like what I write, then rate it up and/or leave a respectful comment about the story.  Don't just sit there and spank your willie!

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So visual, and what a great outcome. That all partners could understand that some have unusual turn-ons, and these are not necessarily of our choosing.<br />
<br />
I applaud your efforts to bring balance and a healthy outcome for the couple.<br />
<br />
I've met a number of Doms, professional and lifestyle, and enjoy their strength, compassion, individuality.<br />
<br />

Lovely story !!

Thank you.